How to Plan and Plant Your Summer Garden

Small vegetable garden with risen beds in the fenced backyard and shed from keen's buildings


Summer has come around, and if you have already been planning to plant your garden this year, you are in luck. There are various types of summer vegetables and plant flowers you can grow in your garden, which will allow your family to enjoy squash, cucumbers, snap beans, and tomatoes this summer. For people, who haven’t planted a summer garden before, don’t worry, because this article is going to teach you the basics of planning and planting your summer garden.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider planting a summer garden because you can relieve stress by working in the garden. You can also teach your children valuable lessons about life, and different plants by getting them to help you in the garden. One of the biggest benefits you gain from planting a summer garden is that you can grow your own fruit and vegetables, which helps you save money on the grocery bill. There are also a lot of fun gardening activities that you can enjoy during the summer with your entire family.

The Summer Gardening Plants

If you don’t have any idea what to plant in your summer garden, you should take a trip down to the local farmer’s market. There is an extensive collection of vegetables and flowers available there, and you can support your local farmers by shopping from them. The best summer flowers include petunias in white, purple, and red, daisies, and sunflowers. Before you buy summer garden plants, make sure you understand how to properly grow and care for them, so that you know exactly what you are doing in your summer garden.

The best thing you can do is to get a storage shed installed in your backyard or garden so that you have a place to store all your gardening equipment. Keen’s Buildings designs custom garden storage sheds, in different styles and sizes, which can be painted to match your home. You can choose the storage shed that best fits your needs and will be delivered and set up in your garden. Having a storage shed in your garden is very beneficial since you can also plant sunflowers and vegetables around it, and give your summer garden some personality.

The Summer Vegetable Garden

You can also choose to plant a summer vegetable garden, and you can set aside a small area for that purpose. The first thing you must do here is to weed out the loose soil, then plant tomatoes, snap beans, squash, and cucumbers, but make sure you water the vegetables generously. If you want your summer garden to flourish, don’t be shy to water it generously, unless it rains frequently where you live.

You should also label the vegetables if you have a variety of different vegetables growing in your summer garden since it helps in taking care of them. You can identify your vegetables easily in this manner, and look after them properly. One thing you must remember that a summer vegetable garden requires a lot of work, so don’t go for it if you don’t plan on looking after the vegetables in your garden.

Plan For New Storage Shed

Are you making plans for a new storage shed? There are three easy steps to ensure your purchase goes as planned. First, determine what you are going to put in the storage shed you are buying. You want to make sure the storage shed is large enough to accommodate everything you are wanting to store in it. Second, find a good clear location in your yard avoiding any trees, power lines, carports, or other storage buildings. Make sure the delivery crew can get in and out without damaging any of your property. Last, after making your purchase of the storage shed. Schedule a delivery time and leave a three to four-hour window for the delivery crew to set up your new storage shed. Enjoy your new storage building and maybe do a little spring cleaning around your home.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan for your purchase of a new storage shed.

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Outdoor Storage Sheds Plastic or Metal?

There are many different types of outdoor storage sheds. The two main types are plastic and metal. Plastic outdoor storage sheds are good for a very short period of time. They are very prone to sun damage and have a short life span. However, a metal outdoor storage shed can stand up to the most extreme elements mother nature and dish out. From the blistering sun to the howling winds a metal outdoor storage shed will protect your possessions for many years.

Tips to Buying a Vinyl Shed

Storage sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, storage sheds come with so many options that our customers are often faced with the choice of purchasing a shed with aluminum siding, T1-11 siding, Hardi-plank siding, steel panels or vinyl siding. Each type of siding has its benefits to the customer but when a  shed is to be used for at-home-storage, many of our customers like to use vinyl siding. So to help you decide if vinyl siding is the right choice for you, we’ve created this post to discuss what does vinyl siding does for you and what are some things to look for when purchasing a vinyl shed.

Maintenance Free

The beauty of vinyl siding on a storage shed is that it is virtually maintenance free. However, to ensure that it will continue to be maintenance free for several years of storage, there are a few things to look for.  If you are storing larger and heavier items, it is important to look for pressure treated shed joists as well as make your floor a thicker concrete slab by about ¾ of an inch more. If for some reason the floor will be getting wet, (this could be because of wet items being stored immediately or just to hose off the interior of the shed occasionally) then purchasing a floor with water sealer of pressure treatment is ideal. By ensuring you have these things, you can know that you will have a beautiful shed that is maintenance free and that will protect and store your items for the years to come.

Is There Enough Room?

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of a storage shed and forget to remember if we have enough room for one. The most common base for a vinyl storage shed or building is a base of ¾ inch stone that is 2 feet wider and longer than the shed. This creates a good base with plenty of space for the shed. If you can fit the base, you’ll be able to fit the shed. Also, it is important to consider that while getting a vinyl shed that is already put together and ready for installation is the best way to buy a shed, it can also mean trailers and large trucks needing space to deliver it to your intended spot. So be prepared to accommodate the extra space needed for delivery.

Customizable Benefits

Vinyl siding is perfect for at-home-storage because not only is it maintenance free and durable during all weather, it also has a more stylish look that adds to yards or at home storage areas. Vinyl comes in a large variety of color choices and are completely customizable (metal trim, roof shingle and shutter colors) to match your home. This makes your shed look like it was meant to go with your home and add value to your yard.

Sheds can also be created with windows, window screens and even shutters to create an even more cohesive look with your home. Sheds can also be customized with security systems and temperature control when you are storing temperature or expensive sensitive materials.

The benefits of vinyl for at-home storage is almost immeasurable but hopefully with this quick post and these tips, you can see how a vinyl sided shed may be the right choice for you and you will be able to chose a quality vinyl shed from Keens Portable Buildings.

10 Ways to Use a Storage Shed

Over the years has figured out how to make a storage shed very secure and strong. Preventing theft is very important to us. Now a storage shed isn’t a safe where you would keep thousands of dollars, however for some of your equipment, it’s probably the best place for it.

Here’s a breakdown of some things you might want to consider for your storage shed:

Food Storage or Pet Food Storage, instead of using garage space, which most people do, a shed is great for food or water storage. It doesn’t have to be food storage for an emergency either, this can be regular items in the pantry that just takes up so much space, like flour or sugar. You probably have a few items in your kitchen right now you would want moved.

Hunting Gear Storage, this is very important. We all like to treat all of our gear with respect. However, it can get old just sitting around the closet or in your garage. A storage shed can be a great place to store your hunting gear.

Sports Equipment, if you have kids that play sports, they can rack up a ton of equipment over the years. Having it sitting around the garage can get annoying. Storage sheds work very well when it comes to storing all of the sports equipment. They even work well for golf clubs.

Books, storage sheds can also store those old books out of the way that you don’t want to throw out.

-Yard & Lawn Equipment, probably the most used for storage sheds. Storage sheds work perfect for the lawnmower though. It takes up a lot of space in the garage and storage sheds are already out near the lawn, it can create a nice convenience as well.

Car Parts & Mechanical tools, sometime the garage just isn’t big enough for all of your car equipment and mechanical tools. Storage sheds can be built to have the right amount of space for your mechanical equipment.

Household supplies, it’s nice having some of your supplies all in one spot. Even though underneath the kitchen sink you might store a lot of cleaning supplies. Having an area set aside that has all of your toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and even trash bags is a great way to use your storage shed.

Pool Supplies, storage sheds are perfect for pool cleaning supplies. If you have a pool but no shed, we would strongly recommend a storage shed just for your pool. It’s a great place to hide the pool toys as well.

Holiday Stuff, yep, Christmas presents are so easy to hide from the kids when it’s in a storage shed. It can get old going to the basement to store all of your Christmas lights, Halloween decor, and 4th of July decor as well. Storage sheds are perfect when it comes to storing all of your holiday stuff.

-Closet Junk,  sometimes you buy too much stuff in life and you don’t like it hanging around the house. Storage sheds are perfect for eliminating junk from the house that you’re not ready to throw out.

Now do you see why you might want to get one of those beautiful storage sheds from KeensBuildings?


5 Reasons Why Sheds are Worth the Buy

Outdoor storage sheds may seem like they’re not important or even worth the purchase.  Sheds however can do a lot more than just store things.  There are 5 reasons on why outdoor storage sheds are important.

Here’s a breakdown of each reason:

1. Protect Assets– Yes, If the shed is built well, like our sheds at you’ll notice that anything stored in the shed will be protected from the external forces mother nature can bring. Over time you’ll pay a lot of money for tools and equipment that you’ll use around your house. This will protect equipment from rusting and all other sorts of external damage the equipment can face. With a keensbuilding shed you’ll be able to protect everything stored in it.  Our sheds are very tough, strong, and long lasting, making it an investment that overtime can carry a return by just protecting all of your equipment.

2. More added interior space– With all of the clutter we tend to purchase these days, it can be very annoying to have clutter all around the house. Sheds can clear up the clutter with the extra storage space.  This is actually very mentally clearing and it will benefit the mind emotionally. More space is always a beautiful thing!

3. Make your home or business look great- Here at keens buildings we actually try to make our sheds look great. We know looks aren’t everything but they can add value to the look of your home or business.  Sheds can then help your real estate just look great.  For example, if you have a lot of equipment in your garage and if that was all moved to the shed, it will make your garage look great and of course our sheds will make your house look great.

4.Organization- At Keens we have big outdoor storage sheds. These work miracles with organization. Our 12×24 shed is a great example… it’s huge and with all of this space, you can organize all of your stuff so well. Whether if it’s for office storage, or equipment storage, this will be the best out storage investment you’ll ever make.

5. Portability –  Besides the amazing amount of added space, storage sheds can be portable. No need to fear your next move. This shed can be your lifetime real estate with its easy ability to move.

All of these benefits are just reasons on why it might actually be worth the buy the next time you get frustrated when you know you need extra added space around.

Portable Storage Buildings for Farm Use

Farms are typically composed of permanent buildings. When it comes to adding on storage capacity, portable storage buildings constructed of strong steel are a great choice. Metal buildings are ideal for storing hay, seed, machinery and even animals. Sunlight and water can adversely affect the parts, tires, paint and other components of tractors and machinery. But a durable metal storage shed can protect machinery from such unfavorable conditions, with the result that such machinery would have lower repair and maintenance costs.

Some tips to follow when setting up a portable storage shed for farm use:

  • Orienting open-sided buildings from east to west minimizes sunlight exposure inside them
  • All portable storage buildings should be set up to meet local building code requirements
  • If hay is stored in the building, it needs to be kept dry. See that the building is well vented. If the peak of the roof is kept as open as possible, moisture can escape easily
  • The eave height and area of the building should be sufficient to meet storage needs

The advantages of purchasing a portable storage building far outweigh its cost. It’s important to buy the metal building from a dealer that offers customization support service.

Set up Storage Sheds to Meet Zoning Requirements

Recently, the Brentwood City Council, CA, rezoned a neighborhood of 78 single-family townhouses to alter the building standards for the existing patio covers, arbors and storage sheds there that fail to meet Brentwood’s accessory building standards. With the rezoning, only six or seven homes will now be out of compliance with the newly approved rezone.

Storage sheds are extremely useful and even necessary to store recreational equipment, play items, lawn mowers and other investments. However, setting up storage sheds to meet zoning requirements is important. Building standards and zoning regulations ensure that a minimum level of safety is ensured for all. Moreover, a uniform set of building standards will provide your property with value and protect your investment.

Every state and town has its own zoning requirements to ensure that their residents do not set up structures that can endanger others or put their safety at risk. There are specific rules on where your storage building can be located. For example, there could be rules that:

  • it may not be set up in the front and street side yards
  • it may not be closer to the street than your main building
  • it cannot exceed a certain height
  • it shall be set back a minimum distance from the rear property line, from interior side property line adjacent to the alley, and from all other accessory and main buildings on the lot, and more

Zoning and building rules vary from state to state. So make sure you are aware of what applies to your area. The best way to ensure compliance is to have your storage shed set up by the company you purchase it from. A reliable dealer can provide you with a quality solution and set it up with the least hassle. Improperly built storage sheds can cost their owners time and money.

Enhancing the Durability of Portable Storage Buildings

There is no doubt that portable storage buildings are a great way to improve your home’s storage capabilities without having to spend on costly construction. Proper set and maintenance can extend the life of your storage solution. Here are some useful tips:

  • Ensure proper ventilation. Keep your storage shed well ventilated to prevent moisture from building up, especially during rainy and cold weather conditions. This is important to safeguard the items you have stored. You can have vents or windows set up to ensure air circulation. This will prevent condensation from occurring. Some people have fans installed to keep the air dry. Large storage buildings may need more than one fan.
  • Prevent rot and rust with an economical metal storage shed. You can choose from a wide variety of steel buildings, aluminum buildings, and vinyl siding buildings. Galvanized and vinyl-coated steel are great options.
  • Have a secure base built for your shed. This will prevent water or moisture from seeping in. A concrete slab is the ideal option. You can improve its resilience and durability with pressure-treated flooring to prevent penetration by water or frost. Secure anchoring for your storage building is also an important part of improving its durability. Have screws rather than nails to attach your floor.
  • Choose proper frames and roofing for your storage shed. Options available include standard frames with hurricane clips, computer stamped trusses, pressure treated skids, and more. Snow brace kits can be attached to the underside of the roof. Brush off snow build-up – this is easier when you have a sloping roof.

Portable storage buildings are an economical choice and easy to set up. Purchase from an established dealer ensures that you get a durable, dependable and customized solution.