Keen’s Buildings: Common uses for Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are versatile and can be customized to fit your unique needs. If your building has out served its use that is not a problem as metal is easily repurposed or recycled. Essentially, if you get a metal building you don’t have to worry about it turning into a one-and-done home that cannot be utilized for something else, should it outgrow its original purpose. Here are a few common things metal buildings are used for.

Tiny home

Tiny houses are an easy way to downsize and are very convenient. Additionally, you can get really sturdy tiny houses that are capable of withstanding harsh weather. With a metal tiny house, you can add safety to the many benefits as metal is a very durable material that is both fire and pest resistant!

Portable storage

It can be a pain having to pay for storage space. If you miss a payment, your space could be forfeit, and you run the risk of losing your property. With portable storage, you can take your things with you anywhere you go. Be it tools for your trade or priceless family heirlooms you can rest assured that your precious items will be safe with you.

Laundry room

An expansion to your house is often incredibly convenient. With home expansions, it is easy to build upon what is already there. Detached laundry rooms are fantastic especially if your drier heats up your house. A typical expansion can take a long time to add, but with a metal portable building, you can expand your space in no time and have a designated place to do laundry, hang clothes and store your washer and drier.


There are times when you need a space to work or repair things and what better way to do that than to have a workshop or repair room. You can keep all your tools safe from damage and easily available to you while you work.


Having your own space can be a tremendous advantage, particularly if you work from home. With a Metal building, you will have a safe place to store all your documents. You can rest assured that your work-related materials will be safer as metal is resistant to termites and fire.

Why wait? Get your portable building today!

If you are looking for an affordable space that can be purposed for almost anything then consider getting a portable metal building. It’s a cost-effective solution for space. Here at Keen’s Buildings, we would be more than happy to meet your building needs. Contact us today to learn more.



How to Choose Your Storage Shed

What-to-store-in-your-shed-from-keens-buildingsDo you find yourself in need of more space within your house and garage?  Over the years, people acquire more stuff while the room to accommodate all of it lessens.  What do you do when there is no more room in the attic, garage, basement, closet, etc.?  Many people decide to implement a storage shed in their backyard.  Storage sheds are economical and versatile storage solutions.

To begin, think about the size of your storage shed.  How much space can you afford to use in your yard?  We often urge people to think about a particular size and then go a little bigger.  Going bigger is better because it provides you with more options and storage space.  If you have the room, choose a larger-sized storage shed.

Discuss placement with us.  Solid and level ground is optimal, but there are other considerations such as convenience and the avoidance of obstructing views.  We want you to be happy with your storage shed, but it is best practice to discuss your wishes with us in order for the best end result.

What are you going to keep in your storage shed?  There are many things to place in a shed, but for your convenience, think about the entryway.  For instance, if you are keeping a large mower or motor bike in your shed, double doors or an extra-wide entryway may be optimal.  If you are only storing small items, then a normal-sized door is good enough.

Would you like electricity in your storage shed?  Talk to us about your plans.  The option of electricity is always good.  At some point, you may want to use the space as a small office situated with a computer and printer.  In this case, electricity is needed.

Do you want light in your storage shed?  If you are going to use the space as a work area, then an outside view is a good decision.  We have a number of sheds with windows.  In addition, we can discuss customized plans to build a shed to your exact wishes.

We have introduced a number of questions to get you to think about and envision your storage shed.  It is best practice to discuss your wishes with us and let us help you design or choose a shed that will serve you best.

Contact us to discuss plans or available models.  We have been doing this a long time and pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction!  Don’t continue to put up with a lack of space, start planning for a storage shed today!

Tips to Buying a Vinyl Shed

Storage sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, storage sheds come with so many options that our customers are often faced with the choice of purchasing a shed with aluminum siding, T1-11 siding, Hardi-plank siding, steel panels or vinyl siding. Each type of siding has its benefits to the customer but when a  shed is to be used for at-home-storage, many of our customers like to use vinyl siding. So to help you decide if vinyl siding is the right choice for you, we’ve created this post to discuss what does vinyl siding does for you and what are some things to look for when purchasing a vinyl shed.

Maintenance Free

The beauty of vinyl siding on a storage shed is that it is virtually maintenance free. However, to ensure that it will continue to be maintenance free for several years of storage, there are a few things to look for.  If you are storing larger and heavier items, it is important to look for pressure treated shed joists as well as make your floor a thicker concrete slab by about ¾ of an inch more. If for some reason the floor will be getting wet, (this could be because of wet items being stored immediately or just to hose off the interior of the shed occasionally) then purchasing a floor with water sealer of pressure treatment is ideal. By ensuring you have these things, you can know that you will have a beautiful shed that is maintenance free and that will protect and store your items for the years to come.

Is There Enough Room?

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of a storage shed and forget to remember if we have enough room for one. The most common base for a vinyl storage shed or building is a base of ¾ inch stone that is 2 feet wider and longer than the shed. This creates a good base with plenty of space for the shed. If you can fit the base, you’ll be able to fit the shed. Also, it is important to consider that while getting a vinyl shed that is already put together and ready for installation is the best way to buy a shed, it can also mean trailers and large trucks needing space to deliver it to your intended spot. So be prepared to accommodate the extra space needed for delivery.

Customizable Benefits

Vinyl siding is perfect for at-home-storage because not only is it maintenance free and durable during all weather, it also has a more stylish look that adds to yards or at home storage areas. Vinyl comes in a large variety of color choices and are completely customizable (metal trim, roof shingle and shutter colors) to match your home. This makes your shed look like it was meant to go with your home and add value to your yard.

Sheds can also be created with windows, window screens and even shutters to create an even more cohesive look with your home. Sheds can also be customized with security systems and temperature control when you are storing temperature or expensive sensitive materials.

The benefits of vinyl for at-home storage is almost immeasurable but hopefully with this quick post and these tips, you can see how a vinyl sided shed may be the right choice for you and you will be able to chose a quality vinyl shed from Keens Portable Buildings.

Facts You Should Know About Portable Buildings

Today, portable buildings come in various designs, shapes and sizes and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from conventional structures. Here are some facts you should know about these buildings:

  • When you shop for a portable building, look for quality. Portable structures should be judged with the same yardstick as other structures. Consider the suitability for purpose and context, its aesthetic appeal and economy.
  • They do not require a conventional foundation and can be set up on concrete slab, black top or plain level ground. This makes them easy to set up.
  • They serve a wide variety of purposes – to store seasonal equipment, fixtures and furniture, for tack and feed; as a workshop; as an enclosed play space for children; as an office space, and much more.
  • They can be customized and upgraded. You can add doors, windows and other options as well as choose from different designs and colors for trim and roof. They come in different sizes to suit almost every kind of need.
  • You may require a building plan review and permit to set up a residential accessory building. Additionally, any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work may require a permit. The location you choose to set up must meet zoning regulations.
  • Their efficiency and durability depends a lot on material used. High quality steel and aluminum storage buildings are resistant to termites and pests, and are suitable for all-weather use.

Purchase your portable building from a reliable dealer to ensure quality as well as design and installation to suit your specifications.

Any residential accessory building larger than 200 square feet will require a building plan review and permit. Regardless of size, any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work will require a permit and all building locations must honor zoning and subdivision set backs.

Why You Should Purchase a Storage Building

There are many reasons why you should want to purchase a storage building. Many of us live in homes that are much too small to hold all of our belongings in a safe and tidy manner. And while most homes these days come complete with a roomy basement or attic, some could be damaged or not allow enough space to store many of the items that we own, or we may already have another use for these extra rooms such as converting them into an extra bedroom or family den.


While a garage can provide you with plenty of extra storage space for all your boxes and lawn equipment, there are many homes that do not have a garage added on and it can be very expensive to have a new garage built on to your home. If any of these situations apply to you, then you have a very good reason to purchase a storage building so that you can have more space inside your home and a place to store away all of your lawn equipment and other outdoor items.


Storage buildings are available in various shapes and sizes and they are not limited to the small, box shaped storage sheds that we see in many people’s yards.  You can find large storage sheds and carports that will provide you with enough extra space to store your vehicles, boat, bicycles, motorcycles, riding lawn mower, or other equipment that can not be placed inside the house but still needs to be kept in out of the rain and heat. Investing in a storage building will help you to take care of your many other investments so that they will not become damaged by being outside in the elements where water, bad weather, moisture, heat from the sun and debris could have harmful effects on these items.

The Many Purposes of Storage Buildings

Storage buildings can serve many purposes for homeowners, especially those who do not have much space inside their homes to store away items that are only in use during certain times of the year.

Storage buildings can also be very useful when it comes to providing a protective and clean place to store your expensive lawn care equipment such as riding lawnmowers or trimmers. You can also find large storage buildings that have enough space to store a fishing boat or other types of water sports equipment so that it will not become damaged from harmful winds and rains or other disastrous weather conditions.

You may also want to use a storage building to store away seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or equipment for summer sports and other activities like volleyball nets or swimming pool essentials which would not be in use during colder weather.

Some storage building structures like carports can be used to protect and store your vehicles, much like a garage but less expensive to set up and maintain. Carports are available in various sizes so that you can store one single car or several automobiles at once all under the same roof.

Storage buildings can be very valuable investments because they provide you with a safe place to store your possessions so that they do not have to be left in an area where they may be damaged by moisture, wind, rain, hail or snow. They can also provide you with more space inside your home if you have been using an extra bedroom as a place to store many of your belongings. Also, a storage building can help to add more value to your property which can be very helpful if you ever need to sell your home, or take out a mortgage on the overall value of your home.

Setting up a Storage Building

When you purchase a storage building, you may have the opportunity to have the new building professionally installed. This service is typically provided by businesses that manufacture the storage buildings themselves and those who create customized buildings to suit your own personal needs.

When you work with a storage building manufacturing and installation company, you will visit the main office and choose what type of design you want along with the size of storage building that you require. Many of these places will allow you to customize the color and other designer features such as doors and windows for example as well as the materials that will be used to construct the building itself.

Once you have placed your order, the manufacturers will get to work, constructing your building the exact way that you want it. It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in order for the company to get your job completed. Once they have the building finished, they will deliver it to your home and get to work on setting it up so that it may be used.

You can specify exactly where in your yard you would like to have your storage building set up. However the installation crew may have to suggest an alternate location if the area you have chosen is on a slope or hill, or other area that may make installation difficult. This should be discussed with the manufacturers whenever you are choosing your storage building specifications so that you can think of another place to set up your building if you need to.

A storage building can be an expensive investment depending on the quality of the materials that were used to construct it, and the size of the building itself, but it can be a very worthwhile addition to your property because it serves a great purpose. You will have more room in your home once you are able to move all of those storage boxes out to the new building and all of your outdoor equipment will be safe from the wind and rain while it is stored away for the winter.

Steel Buildings are for Neat Freaks

Do you consider yourself a neat freak? Do you have a low tolerance for clutter? Is your attic and basement packed to the brim with decorations, old clothes, and mementos of the past? Would you love to retain things for sentimental and practical value but would love to rid them from your immediate sight? A steel building is a product just for you.

Steel buildings act as your own personal storage facility. Commercial storage is growing in popularity, yet it can be inconvenient to travel to and from the facility. In addition, monthly fees become just another bill eating away at your income. Steel buildings are a practical and economical solution for you.

People often try to find ready solutions. It is not uncommon to designate a portion or an area in its entirety to storage. People, who once had a spacious basement, attic, or garage, may now find themselves with spaces overflowing with stuff that has accumulated over the years. How do you feel about paying rent or mortgage for rooms that merely house your stuff? Don’t you feel like you can better utilize the space? Take action and get yourself a steel building; it can fit right in the backyard. You won’t have to travel far to get your items when you need them.

Are you a mom or dad that loves your children, yet can’t stand to see toys cluttering every room in the house? Turn a steel building into a huge toy chest. Keep all of your children’s toys out of the way until kids want to use them. This way, kids stay satisfied and you can maintain order and your sanity.

Steel buildings are a great solution for neat freaks. Talk to one of our representatives today about our huge selection of models. We guarantee we have something that is perfect for you. Don’t see anything you love? Talk to our specialists about getting a steel building custom built to your exact specifications!

Get a Garden Shed in Time for Spring

Shed – Storage Sheds – Get a Garden Shed in Time for Spring

Spring is quickly approaching. Are you looking forward to tending to your garden? Are you looking forward to facing the clutter that resides in your garage? It is common for people to move things around in the garage according to immediate need. Garden equipment and materials get lodged somewhere in back crevices to make way for snow blowers, seasonal decorations, outdoor furniture, and other items related to seasons aside from spring. If you are tired of dealing with the clutter, the time is right for a garden shed.

Cost is the first thing you might be thinking about. We have rent-to-own with no money down options when you buy a shed from us. We have financing available as an alternative. Fill out the financing sheet on our Web site or give us a call to discuss the details. Bad credit is not a problem when you buy a shed from Keens Buildings. We think everyone deserves the convenience of a garden shed.

We supply sheds of different materials. We have wood-based or steel siding available to our customers. Our garden sheds come standard with hurricane clips, computer-stamped trusses, 2×6 floor joists on 16-inch centers, 4×6 pressure-treated skids, and ¾” pressure-treated flooring. In addition, we use screws to attach your garden shed to the floor rather than nails like other manufacturers, resulting in increased durability and efficiency.

Our valued customers have a few options when it comes to the siding of their garden shed. T1-11 siding is wood-based and very popular. It has a wood-grained look and very appealing to customers who prefer their garden shed have a natural look. We also offer Hardi-Plank; it is a ‘green choice’ because it saves endangered trees and does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. Those who seek the best in durability and want a garden shed that lasts a lifetime should consider our 29-gauge steel panels. Steel sheds can be purchased as certified or non-certified for wind speed and snow load. Vinyl siding is another option Keen’s Buildings offers. Vinyl siding is valued for its low maintenance and competitive prices.

With dozens of models and choices available, we think we have something that is right for you. Don’t let another spring pass you by without the aid of a garden shed. We have dozens of color choices and other options available to you. Give us a call today and get the process underway. We can have a new garden shed installed on your property within weeks of your order. Call today!

Choose Siding for Your New Storage Building

A storage building is a useful property implementation.  It can be used for storing tools, doing craftwork, housing lawn equipment, and more.  We provide our customers with several options in regard to the siding of their storage buildings.  Read about our exterior siding options.


This choice features a natural wood-grained look.  The choice is celebrated by those who enjoy the emulation of a small wood cabin.  T1-11 was once the most popular choice, but other innovations have taken shape and some of the popularity away from it.  However, those who desire a more natural look still decide on our T1-11 siding.


Green products are popular as more people become concerned about the environment and their own contributions to a green planet.  Hardi-Plank siding is an alternative to other traditional options.  Hardi-Plank or fiber cement siding is a composite material associated with the green movement; implementation of the material saves endangered trees and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.  The new-age siding material closely resembles wood when implemented on your storage building.

29-Gauge Steel Panels

29-gauge steel is the most durable choice of siding for your storage building.  This steel siding will last a lifetime and the color options provide the opportunity to match the look of your house.  Steel storage buildings can be purchased as certified or non-certified for wind speed and snow load requirements.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has grown in popularity over the years. Storage building owners like the material due to low maintenance and economic pricing.  Our storage buildings feature vinyl siding installed over OSB (oriented stand board) for strength and endurance purposes.  This choice of siding will not flake or rot.  Like steel siding, vinyl siding is available in an array of colors.