10 Ways to Use a Storage Shed

Over the years KeensBuildings.com has figured out how to make a storage shed very secure and strong. Preventing theft is very important to us. Now a storage shed isn’t a safe where you would keep thousands of dollars, however for some of your equipment, it’s probably the best place for it.

Here’s a breakdown of some things you might want to consider for your storage shed:

Food Storage or Pet Food Storage, instead of using garage space, which most people do, a shed is great for food or water storage. It doesn’t have to be food storage for an emergency either, this can be regular items in the pantry that just takes up so much space, like flour or sugar. You probably have a few items in your kitchen right now you would want moved.

Hunting Gear Storage, this is very important. We all like to treat all of our gear with respect. However, it can get old just sitting around the closet or in your garage. A storage shed can be a great place to store your hunting gear.

Sports Equipment, if you have kids that play sports, they can rack up a ton of equipment over the years. Having it sitting around the garage can get annoying. Storage sheds work very well when it comes to storing all of the sports equipment. They even work well for golf clubs.

Books, storage sheds can also store those old books out of the way that you don’t want to throw out.

-Yard & Lawn Equipment, probably the most used for storage sheds. Storage sheds work perfect for the lawnmower though. It takes up a lot of space in the garage and storage sheds are already out near the lawn, it can create a nice convenience as well.

Car Parts & Mechanical tools, sometime the garage just isn’t big enough for all of your car equipment and mechanical tools. Storage sheds can be built to have the right amount of space for your mechanical equipment.

Household supplies, it’s nice having some of your supplies all in one spot. Even though underneath the kitchen sink you might store a lot of cleaning supplies. Having an area set aside that has all of your toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and even trash bags is a great way to use your storage shed.

Pool Supplies, storage sheds are perfect for pool cleaning supplies. If you have a pool but no shed, we would strongly recommend a storage shed just for your pool. It’s a great place to hide the pool toys as well.

Holiday Stuff, yep, Christmas presents are so easy to hide from the kids when it’s in a storage shed. It can get old going to the basement to store all of your Christmas lights, Halloween decor, and 4th of July decor as well. Storage sheds are perfect when it comes to storing all of your holiday stuff.

-Closet Junk,  sometimes you buy too much stuff in life and you don’t like it hanging around the house. Storage sheds are perfect for eliminating junk from the house that you’re not ready to throw out.

Now do you see why you might want to get one of those beautiful storage sheds from KeensBuildings?