Set up Storage Sheds to Meet Zoning Requirements

Recently, the Brentwood City Council, CA, rezoned a neighborhood of 78 single-family townhouses to alter the building standards for the existing patio covers, arbors and storage sheds there that fail to meet Brentwood’s accessory building standards. With the rezoning, only six or seven homes will now be out of compliance with the newly approved rezone.

Storage sheds are extremely useful and even necessary to store recreational equipment, play items, lawn mowers and other investments. However, setting up storage sheds to meet zoning requirements is important. Building standards and zoning regulations ensure that a minimum level of safety is ensured for all. Moreover, a uniform set of building standards will provide your property with value and protect your investment.

Every state and town has its own zoning requirements to ensure that their residents do not set up structures that can endanger others or put their safety at risk. There are specific rules on where your storage building can be located. For example, there could be rules that:

  • it may not be set up in the front and street side yards
  • it may not be closer to the street than your main building
  • it cannot exceed a certain height
  • it shall be set back a minimum distance from the rear property line, from interior side property line adjacent to the alley, and from all other accessory and main buildings on the lot, and more

Zoning and building rules vary from state to state. So make sure you are aware of what applies to your area. The best way to ensure compliance is to have your storage shed set up by the company you purchase it from. A reliable dealer can provide you with a quality solution and set it up with the least hassle. Improperly built storage sheds can cost their owners time and money.