Our metal lean-to carports are:

  • Custom-designed based on the size (width & length) of your vehicles
  • Florida-engineered and wind load approved 
  • Available with zero-down financing & low interest rates OR rent-to-own with no credit check 
  • Manufactured by experts, inspected by certified engineers, and delivered pre-built to you

Lean-To Carports for the Florida & Georgia Regions

Our metal lean-to carports are an excellent alternative to stand-alone metal carports. These structures attach to your home and are constructed to blend in with its architecture. We’ll build you a metal lean-to carport that meets all your vehicle storage needs!

Our metal lean-to carports are: 

  • Space-saving. Rather than finding room on your property for a standalone carport, lean-to carports are attached to your home.
  • Made-to-order so that you can choose from a wide variety of sizes to accommodate your vehicles. 
  • Ultra-protective against the elements. With the wall of your home serving as one side of the carport, it can supply more shelter for your vehicles than a standalone, open-sided carport.
  • Available in a variety of colors, so you can match the aesthetic of your lean-to carport to that of your home, making it look like a natural addition.  

To start the lean-to carport ordering process, first measure the width and length of your vehicle, as well as how much room you’ll need on all sides for easy entry/exit. 

Check out the Carport Glossary for more information about the specs and features available.

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Available Colors

Certified Compliant w/ State of Florida


All Keens structures are Florida-compliant, certified by an engineer’s stamped approval, as well as inspected and approved by the Department of Community Affairs for safe building.