10 Uses for a Steel Garages and Storage Sheds

The first thought of many people considering purchasing a steel garage or storage shed is that it can only be used to store cars or to house garden tools but we’ve made a list of 10 (and believe us there are many more) uses for a storage shed or steel garage to help open your eyes to all that a steel storage shed can be.

You can use your storage shed as a…

1.  Animal shelter

Several people use storage sheds and steel garages as a place to keep animals such as bunnies, guinea pigs, and other crated or cages animals. The sheds can be custom made with shelving units to house such animals and are convenient and close to home to care for these animals that may not be allowed in the house. Other people use large steel garages to offer outdoor animals such as dogs, cats, horses, goats or other farm animal’s protection from the extreme weather elements of rain, snow, cold and heat.

2. Place of Business

Renting and paying utilities on a place of business can be difficult for a small business just starting out but to keep your operating costs and over head low, you may want to consider using a storage shed as your place of business until you feel ready for a piece of business reality
3.  Hobby Shop

Many steel garage owners use their sheds as a place to do hobbies that there may not be room for in the home. Whether it is being used for quilting, sewing, or crafting, storage sheds are the perfect place to store all craft and hobby material as well as the best place to step away and enjoy your hobbies.

4. Game Room/Man Cave

Every man deserves a place to go hang out with his buddies and play poker, pool or just to watch the big game. Using a storage shed as a man cave and game rooms gives the man of the house a place to escape to and enjoy.

5. Workshop

Larger hobbies such as welding or wood working can take up a lot of space in a home and cause unnecessary dust and dirt. To combat this, many wives are suggesting their husbands do these hobbies out in the steel garage. This gives men a place to work that they won’t have to clean up every time they step away and keeps dust and dirt away from the house.

6. Place for Home Storage

Old couches, Christmas décor and old toys can all be stored out of the way in a dry and protected place when they are stored in a metal storage shed or garage. These storage buildings can house all the extra home items you don’t have room for, don’t need to be used at the moment and don’t want to get rid of.

7. Pool House

Storage sheds as a pool house offers a place to change for the outdoor pool can house a Jacuzzi or even just store the pool supplies out of the way but close to your outdoor pool.

8.  At-Home Gym

Going to a gym can be time consuming and expensive but using your storage shed as a workout area allows for easy access, no travel time, no membership fees and complete work out privacy.

9.  Mediation Area

Steel garages can easily be turned into a place of relaxation and mediation that can be accessed year round. A storage shed is the perfect place to perform morning mediation, yoga and pray and also offers a secluded place to relax and study.

10. Guest House

If you need some extra space for those guests on the way, convert the steel storage shed. With a few modifications, these metal garages can transform in to a spacious temporary living quarters for visiting family and friends.

Planning Your Outdoor Storage Shed

When you’ve run out of storage space in your home and garage, an outdoor storage shed is the answer. Everything from a lawn mower to Christmas decorations can be neatly stashed away in outdoor storage sheds.

Some things to remember when planning to set up the shed:

Check out local zoning and building laws. This is necessary to decide where exactly you can locate your shed, as there are restrictions on how far the building should be from your house and boundaries. There could also be restrictions on size. You would have to apply for a permit to set up the shed. Make sure you comply with the rules that your homeowners association may have regarding outdoor storage sheds.

The place you decide to set up your shed should ideally be level ground. This will save time and money that would go into digging and leveling out an uneven space.

You have to choose between a wooden and metal storage shed. A strong steel storage shed has many advantages compared to a wooden one. A quality steel shed is built withstand harsh weather conditions and would be resistant to corrosion and pests.

Finally, you can purchase a prefabricated structure. Select from a wide range of designs with side panels, roofing, trim and color to blend with your surroundings. You can also ask your dealer to help you custom build and price out your outdoor storage shed.

How to Choose from Outdoor Storage Sheds

Outdoor storage sheds are the perfect solution to manage and arrange all that clutter lying about in the house. With a little time and effort on your part, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right solution to store anything from your furniture or kids’ toys to your lawn tractor or other gardening equipment. A wide range of materials and customization options are available to choose from. What’s more, you can also get financing advice or assistance from your portable buildings dealer should price be a barrier in you getting the right solution for your home.

Considerations in Making a Choice

Given below are certain factors to keep in mind when making a choice:

  • Purpose – Think about what use you would be putting the shed to and what kind of items you would be storing in it.
  • Material – Heavy plastic and metal are economical options but not as lasting as outdoor storage sheds made out of vinyl or wood siding.
  • Size – This depends on whether the structure is just for storage or multifunctional. If multifunctional, think in terms of space for work space as well as walking.
  • Design – The way the shed looks would affect the way the property on which it is installed looks. Formal features would go well with a formal style of house while a rustic design suits a country-style house.
  • Quality versus Price – When you have to make a choice between quality and price, go for quality especially because you can benefit from financing assistance.

Set up Storage Sheds to Meet Zoning Requirements

Recently, the Brentwood City Council, CA, rezoned a neighborhood of 78 single-family townhouses to alter the building standards for the existing patio covers, arbors and storage sheds there that fail to meet Brentwood’s accessory building standards. With the rezoning, only six or seven homes will now be out of compliance with the newly approved rezone.

Storage sheds are extremely useful and even necessary to store recreational equipment, play items, lawn mowers and other investments. However, setting up storage sheds to meet zoning requirements is important. Building standards and zoning regulations ensure that a minimum level of safety is ensured for all. Moreover, a uniform set of building standards will provide your property with value and protect your investment.

Every state and town has its own zoning requirements to ensure that their residents do not set up structures that can endanger others or put their safety at risk. There are specific rules on where your storage building can be located. For example, there could be rules that:

  • it may not be set up in the front and street side yards
  • it may not be closer to the street than your main building
  • it cannot exceed a certain height
  • it shall be set back a minimum distance from the rear property line, from interior side property line adjacent to the alley, and from all other accessory and main buildings on the lot, and more

Zoning and building rules vary from state to state. So make sure you are aware of what applies to your area. The best way to ensure compliance is to have your storage shed set up by the company you purchase it from. A reliable dealer can provide you with a quality solution and set it up with the least hassle. Improperly built storage sheds can cost their owners time and money.

Options for Your Outdoor Sheds

Outdoor sheds are desired by many homeowners for a multitude of reasons.  Outdoor sheds provide extra space, hold yard and garden equipment, and can be used as a hobby room or play space for children.

Some people opt to build outdoor sheds themselves while others purchase them from local and online suppliers.  If you discuss your purchase with a vendor, they will fill you in on available options you may not know about.

Read the following options to provide you with some ideas and help make your outdoor shed take shape.

A lot of people use their outdoor sheds to house equipment such as mowers, bikes, and tractors.  Depending on the size of your equipment, you may want to think about installing a ramp to help get vehicles in and out of your shed.  For instance, if you are housing bicycles, then getting them in and out of the shed should not present too much of a problem.  On the contrary, if you are storing a motorcycle, ATV, or larger motor vehicle, then you will want to make it as easy as possible to get them out.  In addition to a ramp, think about purchasing an outdoor shed with an enlarged door way to ensure large items can fit in and out.

Depending on how your estate is structured, you may or may not have a garage.  A garage is an optimal place to store tools – especially if you are a contractor or handy person who makes a living from using them.  Those with a lot of tools may opt to have outdoor sheds constructed with built-in shelving.  Shelving provides enough space to neatly stack tools and easily find them when needed.

Some people may plan to spend a lot of time in their outdoor sheds in order to perform work, arts and crafts, or other tasks.  If you intend to spend time in your shed then think about installing a skylight to brighten the interior.  In addition, fix gable or ridge vents to your shed so hot air can escape from the inside.