The best Barns to protect your livestock

Keens understands that the great outdoors is right in your own backyard!

A Keens pre-painted standard or middle opening barns is a budget friendly option to traditional barns. The metal structure makes cleaning and maintenance easier, while roll up and walk in doors provide you with ventilation and accessibility.

Farmers and Ranchers, you need a dependable shelter to house your livestock. Keens Barns are reinforced with steel beams for insulation, durability and come in an assortment of designs and features. Offering customized structures, at an affordable cost is what Keens will continue to do. Our barns offer you with additional storage space for your equipment and tools. A sound way to keep your farming gear in-tact and organized. Whether planting or harvesting, Keens has the right Barn to meet your farming or storage needs.

A Barn with Step-down leans is perfect for you. This additional lean will provide you with room to store your valuables. We offer the ability to have doors installed on the Barns, or you could keep it open.

With Keen's Buildings, you can design your Barn with Stepdown Leans to the specifications you need! As an established dealer of portable buildings, we offer a range of Barns with Stepdown Lean carports that would ideally meet your weather protection needs. We are based in Live Oak, Florida, and have locations in Valdosta, GA, and Perry, FL, and serve all 48 Continental States.

The length of your barn or building is unlimited, and you choose from 12’ to 40’ free span width. Leg height varies from 5’ to 12’ with optional side or end panels for added protection where you need it. You can match the color of your home when you select from over a dozen exterior colors with a regular or box eave gable roof.

Ask about our interest free account and our 12 month same as cash financing options for qualified buyers.

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