Choose Siding for Your New Storage Building

A storage building is a useful property implementation.  It can be used for storing tools, doing craftwork, housing lawn equipment, and more.  We provide our customers with several options in regard to the siding of their storage buildings.  Read about our exterior siding options.


This choice features a natural wood-grained look.  The choice is celebrated by those who enjoy the emulation of a small wood cabin.  T1-11 was once the most popular choice, but other innovations have taken shape and some of the popularity away from it.  However, those who desire a more natural look still decide on our T1-11 siding.


Green products are popular as more people become concerned about the environment and their own contributions to a green planet.  Hardi-Plank siding is an alternative to other traditional options.  Hardi-Plank or fiber cement siding is a composite material associated with the green movement; implementation of the material saves endangered trees and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.  The new-age siding material closely resembles wood when implemented on your storage building.

29-Gauge Steel Panels

29-gauge steel is the most durable choice of siding for your storage building.  This steel siding will last a lifetime and the color options provide the opportunity to match the look of your house.  Steel storage buildings can be purchased as certified or non-certified for wind speed and snow load requirements.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has grown in popularity over the years. Storage building owners like the material due to low maintenance and economic pricing.  Our storage buildings feature vinyl siding installed over OSB (oriented stand board) for strength and endurance purposes.  This choice of siding will not flake or rot.  Like steel siding, vinyl siding is available in an array of colors.