How to Choose Your Storage Shed

What-to-store-in-your-shed-from-keens-buildingsDo you find yourself in need of more space within your house and garage?  Over the years, people acquire more stuff while the room to accommodate all of it lessens.  What do you do when there is no more room in the attic, garage, basement, closet, etc.?  Many people decide to implement a storage shed in their backyard.  Storage sheds are economical and versatile storage solutions.

To begin, think about the size of your storage shed.  How much space can you afford to use in your yard?  We often urge people to think about a particular size and then go a little bigger.  Going bigger is better because it provides you with more options and storage space.  If you have the room, choose a larger-sized storage shed.

Discuss placement with us.  Solid and level ground is optimal, but there are other considerations such as convenience and the avoidance of obstructing views.  We want you to be happy with your storage shed, but it is best practice to discuss your wishes with us in order for the best end result.

What are you going to keep in your storage shed?  There are many things to place in a shed, but for your convenience, think about the entryway.  For instance, if you are keeping a large mower or motor bike in your shed, double doors or an extra-wide entryway may be optimal.  If you are only storing small items, then a normal-sized door is good enough.

Would you like electricity in your storage shed?  Talk to us about your plans.  The option of electricity is always good.  At some point, you may want to use the space as a small office situated with a computer and printer.  In this case, electricity is needed.

Do you want light in your storage shed?  If you are going to use the space as a work area, then an outside view is a good decision.  We have a number of sheds with windows.  In addition, we can discuss customized plans to build a shed to your exact wishes.

We have introduced a number of questions to get you to think about and envision your storage shed.  It is best practice to discuss your wishes with us and let us help you design or choose a shed that will serve you best.

Contact us to discuss plans or available models.  We have been doing this a long time and pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction!  Don’t continue to put up with a lack of space, start planning for a storage shed today!