The Keens Way: Satisfying Customers

Customer service can be one of the most difficult areas of business. At Keens we like to get everything right the first time.  It’s important that our customers really understand their needs as well. We recommend a few things before you come in or contact a Keens employee.

Here’s a list of questions:

-What are you looking to cover or store? Is this going to be for a car, two cars, or lawn mowing equipment. It’s vital that you know exactly everything you want to cover.

-What are the sizes of everything you want stored or covered?

-Will you want walking space in your storage shed? Do you think that you will need a big door to get everything in? A metal storage garage might be perfect.

-Do you have any vision of your carport or garage or whatever it may be? Can you draw it before you come in? Anything to help give a keens building rep. a clearer vision will help.

– For the location of the shed or building, where will you want it? Is this going to be a tight squeeze right next to your house? Will you be in an area that will be exposed to a lot of water? The more knowledge and information better.


The Bottom line is, it’s important that you understand your needs and wants. Once you fully understand your needs and wants, it’s then important to be able to find every way possible to best communicate that with At this point our rep will find the most affordable option for your that will fit your needs.

When your needs are met, we then have another satisfied customer. That’s our ultimate goal for every person that comes to our site, or through our store.