Single Carports – Choose between Lean-to and Standalone Covers

When you’re looking for an affordable car cover, the most obvious choice is between a metal lean-to and stand alone single carports. If you have no space constraints, you could have a free-standing carport built to your specifications. On the other hand, if space is a limitation, a lean-to structure is the solution.

Lean-to’s are attached to the house and are constructed to blend with its architecture. You could have a flat or sloping roof, depending upon the pitch of the roof of your house. A sloping roof is ideal in a place with heavy snowfall as the snow slides off, saving you tedious clearing hassles. With the wall of your house on one side and strong metal roofing, a lean-to carport can provide your vehicle with the protection it needs.

Free-standing structures offer you a lot of flexibility. You can build your single carport as small or as large as you want to and locate it on a site of your choice – subject, of course, to your area’s building rules. There are several roofing options available for these carports. The standard single carport measures 12’X21′. Available in a pre-fabricated package, a stand alone steel car port can provide excellent cover for a car, RV, trailer, or boat.

Whether attached or free-standing, single carports have to be installed the right way. If you have simple technical skills, you could purchase a do-it-yourself package and set up your stand alone car port on your own. However, a car cover that is attached to your home has to be planned and installed carefully, and it’s best to rely on professional support. Purchase your single carport from a reliable dealer and benefit from a comprehensive coverage solution.