Keen’s Buildings: Metal Versus Wooden Arenas for your Horse

Having an arena for your horse is a wonderful thing. It can allow you to train and exercise your horse regardless of the weather. Some people choose to have a riding arena built on their property, while others may go to a nearby facility. Either way, the material of an arena of can play a massive role in the health and safety of your horse.


Wood is a great material, and with treatment, it can even become water, fire, and pest resistant. However, this may not always be a good thing if you have horses or other animals. For the safety and health of your animals, it is actually best to utilize untreated and unpainted wood. However, that can come with a few noticeable downsides, such as the risk of the wood swelling and rotting because of water exposure or pest infestations. Rotting, compromised, and unstable wooden constructions can give way and weaken over time, creating a fall hazard for your animals. There is also the risk of the wooden arena catching fire if not treated. Horses may also gnaw on the arena; this is particularly dangerous if your wood has been treated as it can make your animal sick. To eliminate these threats consider getting a metal riding arena.


Metal is naturally fire and pest resistant, so you ensure the safety of your arena and your horse at the same time. Unlike wood, metal requires very little to keep in good condition. Metal is also durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Additionally, horses are significantly less likely to gnaw on wood than metal, so another risk is eliminated simply by opting to build with metal.

Metal is a relatively easy material to work with and it takes less time to finish constructions with than wood. If you want to provide your horse with the best and safest riding arena as well as, have an investment that can last for decades, call us today!