Keen’s Buildings: Is a Shed Converted tiny home for you?

A tiny house can be an excellent way to save money. Furthermore, the constrution mat make use of something you already have. The concept of converting a shed into a tiny house is not new. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider building one.


A tiny home created from a preexisting shed is very cost-effective. Having a shed built then purchasing a tiny house shell can save you tremendously. You can choose from having your tiny house shell built, or you can buy a shell.

Many manufacturers have shed building down cold because, entire shed building process is optimized and streamlined. Additionally, materials are often purchased wholesale, meaning that you’ll be able to purchase a high quality shed at a reasonably good price.

Why should I build a tiny house out a shed?

The time to takes for the construction of a tiny house is drastically shortened when repurposing a preexisting shed because you can purchase tiny house shells to capitalize on the speed of building. A speedy build is perfect if you need your tiny house quickly.

By having a shed as a base for your tiny house, your build time can be shortened drastically (particularly when compared to the time it would take to build from scratch.

Secure financing

Securing financing for projects can be a difficult process that many people are not familiar with. It’s true that a bank would likely be more than happy to lend you money to purchase or build a house. However, they will likely be a little reluctant to lend you money to have your tiny home built. That doesn’t mean that you cannot secure financing.

Many shed manufacturers will be perfectly happy to provide financing options.

A tiny house is a cost-efficient way to secure living conditions and downsize. While a tiny house is not ideal for everyone, for some, it makes sense. If you are in need if a place to live and are a little short on finances, a tiny house may be the answer.