Keen’s Buildings Wood or Steel: Which is Better?

Wood or Steel: Which is Better?

The question of which materials to build from has been a debate for quite some time. Today we’ll be looking at wooden structures versus steel structures. On the one hand, wood is a renewable resource. Metal, on the other hand, can be melted and restructured, without losing its properties or weakening metal seems to be the better option. Between the two it can be difficult to know which is material is better.

Examining the Misconception

All materials produce byproduct as a result of manufacturing. The real question then becomes which material will not harm the environment as much. To understand this, consider the following: there are three common building materials wood, concrete, and steel. Out of these three steel lasts the longest, tends to require relatively low maintenance and requires a small about to produce a structurally sound building. On all accounts, steel wins out as the material that will impact the environment the least, while also having a high durability factor.

The statement of the renewability of wood is misleading. First of all, trees take decades to grow into something that is suitable for woodwork of any kind. Additionally, to be healthy trees require nutrients from the soil. As any farmer could tell you, plants use certain minerals to grow, which can deplete the soil. Minerals in the soil need to be replenished if depleted before the next crop grows. Without this regular watering, the trees will die. Between the cost of fertilizer, and irrigation the cost of producing wood to build is simply not cost effective.

Singel purpose versus multipurpose use

Wooden frames, doors, and even some structures are typically only for single use, it is relatively challenging to repurpose wood and if damaged repairing it does not ensure the structural integrity of the structure. Treated wood also cannot be recycled, in short timber is not a reasonably good material to use for building purposes if you are looking for durability while also trying to look out for the environment.

If you are in the market for an environmentally friendly and durable building, consider steel. It’s easy to repurpose. With steel, you can rest assured that your construction will last for a long time.