Reasons you should Choose a Steel Barn Versus a Pole Barn

The decision to build a barn is not one to be taken lightly. One of the decisions you’ll have to face early on is the type of barn you want to build. Generally, when building a barn, you’ll find yourself with one of two choices, the traditional pole barn or the steel barn.

If you find yourself unsure of which is better allow us to present five reasons you should select a steel barn over a pole barn.

Long term cost effectiveness

While a wooden pole barn may seem like the cheaper of the two options when paired with a steel building the upkeep suggests a different truth altogether. Wood is susceptible to many damaging factors that could easily rake up costly repairs. Steel is immune to many of the negative attributes that plague wooded structures. Termites, rot, warping, water damage, and fire are all things that can damage your wooden structure, compromising it entirely, steel, on the other hand, has no such weakness.

a steel barn will pay for itself in the costs of maintenance you would have to pay if you opted for a wooden pole barn.


Due to the fragile nature of wood safety is easily compromised. When being used to house your valuable investments or livestock steel is a much safer option as it is impervious to rain and does not damage as easily as wooden structures do. Steel buildings have relatively easy upkeep and don’t require the same time and attention as wooden structures. Pool barns also tend to sink into the ground over time (particularly when built on soft soil or areas with heavy rainfall).

Easily customizable

If you require more space or need to make any alterations, a steel building is far more flexible to change than a wooden one. Here at Keen’s Buildings, we have a multitude of specialized and custom steel structures for you to choose from. We also allow you to customize your building. You can add as many windows and doors as your heart desires.

Having trouble covering the cost of your steel building? We have payment plans so you can get your steel barn and not worry about having to pay it all at once. For more information about the services we provide or our payment options call us today!