Living in Florida: Preparing your Steel Building for High Wind Speeds

Preparing your Steel Building for High Wind Speeds

In Florida, high wind speeds are quite typical, between thunderstorms and hurricanes Florida is a pretty windy place. For that reason, you’ll want to protect your buildings and keep them safe from this unexpectedly hazardous environmental factor.

When combating wind, there are a few fundamental things that will help. One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the best frame for your building. The height of your building, for example, is a crucial factor to consider. For example, the higher you build, the more wind force it will encounter and the more likely it is to blow over (mainly if proper structural security measures aren’t utilized). You’ll want to consider using beams for additional support as well. With the adequate support and roof selected steel buildings can withstand incredibly strong winds.

Utilizing high wind anchors

Powerful anchors are necessary to provide structural integrity against mighty winds. Typical buildings, like wooden ones that use staples and nails, are unable to stand up to the force of incredibly strong winds in the same manner that steel buildings are. Nails and staples are often pulled out against the strength of the winds resulting in tremendous damage. Anchors, as well as strong bolts and screws, can help a building stay together even in hurricane-like conditions. Bolts and screws are stronger and will spread the uplift force more evenly across the entirety of the building so that it stays together as opposed to ripping apart.


As mentioned before the taller a building is, the more susceptible to winds it is. The roof you select will also play a huge role in the building’s security against winds. A flat roof will take on more wind force than a pitched roof will. To understand this concept fully, think of the wings of a plane. They are flat. Wind passes over the flat wings of an aircraft creating lift. If you have a flat roof wind is more likely to rip your roof off. Additionally, a steel roof has panels meaning that there are fewer places for the wind to get inside and create lift.

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