Keen’s Buildings: The Problem with Renting in Florida or Georgia

The True Cost of Renting

Renting seems like a good idea, particularly if you are living in Florida or certain parts of Georgia, where the cost of living is high. The unfortunate truth is that renting is really only okay for short periods of time. This is because after a certain point you’ll start to see diminished returns. In the long run, you will end up paying more for renting than you would have if you actually purchased the property.

Renting comes what a whole host of disadvantages, such as rules and restrictions when it comes to freedom of use and renovations to the property. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the lease will be renewed on the property. This will undoubtedly leave you in a stressful situation with you having to figure out relocation arrangements. Perhaps the biggest issue is that the chances of you ever recovering the money you spent renting the property is zero. Allow me to explain. When you buy property, it is costly up front but when it is paid off, not only will you have the freedom to make alterations. You’ll also be able to resell the property if you ever decide to relocate. This means that you can recover some of the money you spent on the property.

You can also make money off your purchased property even without selling it. For example, you can rent it out to others, and you can potentially save money in the long run through tax deductions. We understand that owning a metal building can be the cause of apprehension for some. After all, there is maintenance and upkeep, that you’ll have to worry about. However, the cost to maintain a metal building is actually pretty inexpensive.

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