Storage Tips from Keen’s Buildings for Your Barn and Shed




Everyone requires extra storage space at some point in their life and when that happens to have a storage space like a shed, a barn, or a garage can be a lifesaver. It is better than renting storage space because you’re not paying any monthly rent and have easy access to your stuff since it is all on your property. However, not everyone has the luxury to afford an extra storage building where they can keep their storage items. It is great to have a shed, garage, or barn on your property for storage, but these buildings can get cluttered over time.

Most people don’t mind the clutter, but they don’t realize that they can use these storage buildings for more than just storing stuff. Having a clean and uncluttered storage shed, barn or garage gives you additional space, where you can work on your hobbies. If you are bad at organizing storage items and want to de-clutter your barn, shed or garage, then you have come to the right place.

Here are the best tips from Keen’s Buildings related to storage for your barn, shed, and garage:

1.   Storage in your shed

You will generally be storing garden supplies and tools in your shed, but you can also create a small workshop in the shed with the additional space, once you organize your stuff. There are so many things you can store in your shed, depending on its size, but to maximize the storage potential of the shed, it is imperative that you focus on keeping things organized. You can hang baskets on the walls where you can put in utensils, and use the walls of the shed to hang tools. Use wooden crates to store heavier and bigger items like garden shovels and drills.

2.   Storage in your garage

The garage must be clean and organized because you will be storing your car over there, and your little ones or pets might occasionally visit it as well. Therefore, keep all electrical equipment out of reach from little ones, and keeping them on top of cabinets or hanging high on the walls is a great idea. This will keep the floor neat and tidy, and ensure that no one trips over any equipment in the garage. Clearing up clutter in your garage will provide you with more space, and you can use that as a small office or even as a place where you put in a couch to relax and have a few beers.

3.   Storage in your barn

If you have a barn on your property, you must be storing everything related to animal produce and other farming equipment in there. Keeping a barn clean and organized can be a challenge, but if you manage to pull it off, you will be saving yourself a lot of trouble. It is important that you keep all your tools and supplies in one place so that you don’t lose any items.

Getting rid of clutter in your barn will also allow you to get rid of any pests that do get inside since they will not have any place to hide or nest. Make sure that you keep the barn clean for any animals that you are keeping in there, which means no items should be left lying around the floor.