Ordering Your New Portable Storage Unit is Simple

Ordering-Your-New-Portable-Storage-Unit is-Simple


Looking to place an order for your portable storage unit? At Keen’s Buildings, we have made the process hassle-free so that there isn’t any confusion. Our portable storage units are easy to order and are delivered within the time-frame agreed. Here is what you need to know about ordering your new portable storage unit with Keen’s Buildings:

  • What is the size and style of the shed that you want?
  • What colors do you want to add to the shed?
  • Where you do you want the windows and doors to be placed?
  • Are there any further customization options you want in the shed?

We offer a highly personal service to our clients so that they get full value for their money and a product that satisfies them completely. It is important to remember that we only take payments through a major credit card, check, or cash. You must put down a 10% deposit first when you place your order for any storage building.

Our Storage Building Ordering Process

At Keen’s Buildings, we want to simplify the lives of everyone. Therefore, we have a simple order process for all storage buildings. Your storage building will be delivered at your property within a few weeks, and with full specifications and free installation as well. Here is the process you will go through when ordering your new portable storage unit with Keen’s Buildings:

  1. Once you have decided upon the style and design of the storage building you want, get in touch with our customer representative.
  2. You will be given a few options in our portable storage buildings, which will be of different sizes and shapes.
  3. Once you have chosen the color and size you want for your storage building, you will be asked about the material you want your building.
  4. There are plenty of options available here as well, and you can choose to get a wood frame or a high-quality aluminum siding, which comes with the steel frame storage buildings.
  5. Once you’re completely satisfied the building will be delivered to your doorstep within a few working days.
  6. All portable storage buildings from Keen’s, whether they are metal or steel have a 40-year warranty on them.
  7. If you choose to get a wooden portable storage building, you will get a 20-year warranty.
  8. You must also decide whether you want a certified or non-certified building.
  9. Ask the customer representative if you have any questions regarding your portable storage unit.

Different Financing Options Available

Keen’s Buildings is committed to providing its customers with affordable storage solutions, and therefore, has different financing options available. The financing options available are:

  • No-credit check
  • General or rent-to-own

We have several financing options, with one being the same as with cash and can even get 0% down financing, with interest rates of 3.99%. The best part about ordering your new portable storage unit from Keen’s Buildings is that we offer free delivery, setup, and installation with all of our products. You can start your application on our secure website: https://www.keensbuildings.net/keens-buildings-application/

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and get 10% off for all military and first responders. If you meet the qualifications, please let your sales representative now.