Keen’s Buildings Garage 101 Tips



Looking for a high-quality garage or storage building? You have come to the right place because, at Keen’s Buildings, we have everything that you could ever want. We are committed to not only building great structures but relationships with all our clients as well. You can approach us through various means, be it through email, over the phone, or in person. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality buildings available in different materials, styles, designs, and colors. When you come to Keen’s Buildings, you can be 100% confident in knowing that you are getting the finest quality.

Garage buildings are in high demand because people don’t use their garage solely for parking their vehicles. They use them for storage purposes, and some even have separate rooms built into their garages where they can relax and unwind. At Keen’s Buildings, we can help you with any type of modification or renovation you want to be done for your garage.

Build Your Dream Garage Right Here!

Our garages can be custom-built to your specifications, making life easier for our clients. You can pick the color, style, and size of the garage building, and we will have it delivered to your property within 3 to 5 weeks. Because we are in the business of enriching the lives of people, our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people by offering them superior quality garages and storage buildings. Check out the extensive selection of garage and storage building options we offer, which includes:

  • Mini Barns
  • Dutch Barns
  • A-Frame Sheds
  • Double Garage
  • Two Story Double Garage
  • Two Story Single Garage
  • Horse Barn
  • Run-in Shed and Tack Room
  • Wooden Gazebo
  • Vinyl Gazebo
  • Carport
  • Metal Garage

The Customizability Doesn’t Stop There!

It doesn’t matter whether you want 2 or 3 garages on your property or want to extend your current garage by turning it into a larger unit. We are thoroughly professional at Keen’s Buildings and have extensive experience in designing and building custom metal garage buildings.

Our metal and steel garage buildings are manufactured using the finest quality of materials, with galvanized steel, and completed based on your requirements. We give complete freedom to our customers when it comes to their custom-built steel garage. You can choose from:

  • Storage Buildings
  • Our garages can be fully customized to meet your design needs.
  • Other building type options:
  • Metal Sheds
  • Custom sizes to fit any size vehicle or equipment
  • Custom built roll-up garage doors
  • Carports
  • 32” X 72” or 36” X 80” walk-in pedestrian doors
  • 29 or 26-gauge steel panels
  • 13 color options
  • 12’ to 40’ free span width.

Our ambition is to provide our clients with exceptional services and always exceed their expectations. The best thing about buying a garage building from Keen’s Buildings is that we have the best rates in the industry. We also offer different financing options, so that everyone can afford a pristine quality and exquisite looking metal garage. We take pride at being the best in the business, and when it comes to garage buildings and storage sheds, no one does it better than Keen’s Buildings.