The Best Ways to Stop Condensation in Your Metal Storage Building

The Best Ways to Stop Condensation in Your Metal Storage Building

If you are looking for space in order to store items or just want a place to turn it into a workshop, you should consider a metal storage building on your property. Carport Empire offers a wide range of different metal storage sheds and buildings, which don’t require any maintenance and are perfect for all your storage needs. However, there is one issue that you must face with metal storage buildings, which is condensation. It is a common problem, but you can take care of it to ensure that you stop condensation from occurring in your storage building.

One thing you must know about condensation is that it takes place near the foundation. Most people don’t know this but you can prevent condensation from ever occurring in your metal storage building when you’re installing your storage building. Here are the best ways to stop condensation in your metal storage building:

1.   Foundation

The composition and size of the foundation determine how much condensation occurs in the metal building. If you are using cement, then ensure that you make the foundations wider on the sides of the metal building. You should allow the cement to cure properly because if you install the building early, the cement and water will enter the building.

2.   Timber Base

Once the foundation and the storage building have been installed, you can create a raised timber floor, which ensures air circulation under the building. This is the best way to reduce condensation, and you can install the floor by securing it with wood screws. You should then apply mastic seal on the inside, so that water doesn’t pool under the flooring, and stops air circulation.

3.   Sealant

You can then apply a silicone or mastic sealant on the exterior of the metal building. You should apply the sealant at the concrete base of the building so that it allows water runoff on the outside of the metal building. This will also ensure that water doesn’t enter the building from the base.

4.   Insulation

Condensation occurs in a metal building when there is a lack of insulation, and if you want to prevent it from happening you must ensure proper insulation. You can apply rigid foam to the interior of the metal storage building and cut holes for ventilation. You can also apply a plywood wall, once you have installed the insulation since that will ensure that the roof and walls have proper insulation.

5.   Vents

Air circulation is vital for removing moisture from the metal storage building. Moisture generally enters a building from the base, and you can stop condensation by installing vents at the roof of the building. This will ensure that warm air inside the building exits from the vents at the roof, and there is constant air circulation going on in the metal storage building.

The metal storage buildings at Carport Empire are made from high-quality materials and if you want to learn more about preventing condensation, then talk to one of our experts today!