How Buying Your Own Storage Building is Better Than Renting Storage


Most homeowners will be familiar with the problem of having to store years of unwanted stuff that has kept on piling in their attic or their garage. You could host a garage sale every year to get rid of stuff you no longer use, but some people prefer storing them due to sentimental attachments. Often, when there is too much stuff to store at the house, people choose a self-storage facility, where they can keep their stuff safely. It is practically renting a storage building, and you pay them monthly to keep your stuff.

However, there is another option, which is to buy a storage building of your own and then have it installed on your property. There are pros and cons for both options, but the majority are in favor of buying your own self-storage building because you don’t have to worry about monthly payments. At Keen’s Buildings, we decided to look at whether buying your own storage building is better than renting:

The Many Costs of Renting Self-Storage Units

Self-storage buildings are marketed as a simple and cheap way to get the unwanted clutter out of your home and stored in a secure location. However, most of the times, these rented storage units have drawbacks and hidden costs that people don’t consider.

1.    Monthly rental fee

The first drawback of renting self-storage buildings is that you must pay a monthly rental fee. This can accumulate a lot of money over time, especially if you plan on storing your stuff for a long time. Most storage facilities charge a lot of money as rent, and you could pay up to $200 a month.

2.    No ownership

You don’t have any claim of ownership over the storage facility, because you are renting it. You are paying them storage building for their space and time to keep your things safe, and therefore you have no ownership.

3.    Hidden costs

Rental storage buildings often have hidden and secondary costs associated with them. These could be renting a moving truck to move large furniture to the storage unit, and even paying extra fees to the storage building as a security deposit or after-hours access fees.

Why Our Steel Storage Buildings are Better

At Keen’s Buildings, we have steel storage buildings in different styles and designs, which are perfect for all your storage purposes. Here are all the many reasons they are better than rental storage:

1.    Close to You

Your storage building will be on your property, and you don’t have to rent big moving trucks to move large furniture or big storage items. Your belongings will remain close to you on your property.

2.    Less Expensive

If you plan on storing your stuff for a long-time the smart choice would be to purchase a steel storage building outright. It will cost you less because if you add up the monthly rents and hidden fees, renting a storage building will be more expensive.

3.    More Space

You will also have more space to store your bulky items and large furniture in your own steel storage building. There will be no need to share your storage space with others, and you can store other things like ATVs and boats in the steel storage building as well.