The Advantages You Gain by Using Steel Buildings as Storage Units


The Advantages of a Steel Building

Are struggling to find high-quality storage spaces? Tired of paying monthly fees to warehouses that are stockpiling your equipment? If so then it’s time for you to consider a steel building storage unit or garage.

You may think it is going to be expensive, especially with steel prices soaring right now, but that isn’t the case yet. You can still beat the rising cost of steel and aluminum and get a steel building as a storage unit today. There are lots of benefits you stand to gain by using steel buildings as storage units, which include the following:

Low-cost storage

One of the best things about steel sheds and storage units is that they cost half of what it would cost using traditional construction techniques. A steel building is easy to build and take next to no time to construct, which is excellent news for anyone that wants a brand new storage facility fast. We assemble steel garages on-site. Additionally, our buildings are pre-engineered, which makes them cheaper than wooden storage facilities by a long margin.

More room

One of the best things about steel storage units is that you don’t need any interior support truss or columns, which take up additional space. They are intelligently engineered to maximize more space and therefore make for excellent storage spaces. You can easily store heavy equipment in steel garages, and not worry about space requirements ever again.

Easy to expand

Another significant advantage of steel garages is that you can expand them quite easily, without having to take them apart. You wouldn’t need to take out any equipment stored inside it like you would do with a wood or brick construction. Expand your steel building with pre-punched holes and bolt-together connections, which are pre-numbered and cut for quick assembly.

No construction time

When you purchase a steel garage or storage facility from Keen’s Buildings, you will get raw materials delivered on your site, ready for construction. With Keen’s Buildings, waiting months for your storage facility is a thing of the past. We build steel buildings in a matter of days or weeks.

Better insurance rates

One of the best reasons to get a steel garage for storage is because of better insurance rates. Steel is the most durable material for construction on the planet, and that is why insurance companies offer customers extra savings on premiums. A steel storage facility has a longer lifespan than wooden or brick storage facilities. They are also fire resistant and therefore more cost-effective when you ensure it.

Low maintenance and durability

You also don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your steel garage. Unlike other materials steel does not rot, crack, warp and bend, or succumb to parasites like termites, mildew, or mold. Quality steel buildings come with long structural warranties. Our buildings tend to last for decades with no failure, and no costly maintenance requirements.

For more information on steel garage facilities, check out Keen’s Buildings now.