12 X 20 Porch Model Storage Building

Take a look at our 12x20 porch model storage building. This brown cedar model brings the look and feel of a forest cabin into your backyard. Enjoy larger storage building capacity and a quaint front porch.

Every household can use more storage. Stop trying to cram items into every crevice of your attic, garage, or basement; for a low price, you can enjoy the storage capacity of a beautiful looking building.

Our sheds can be used for purposes beyond storage. Do you need a quiet place to work? Would the children like an area to use as a clubhouse or play room? Do you need a place to grow indoor plants? Our sheds can be much more than added space; they can become an extension of your home and entertainment.

Contact us today and speak to our storage building specialists. Discuss placement and fine details to get your desired end product. We have financing options available to those who apply. Solve your storage and additional space needs today! We can have your new storage building established on your property within weeks of your order!