Streamline Storage Solutions with a Steel Portable Shed

Streamline your Storage Solutions

While the steel storage shed is usually a place where tools and garden supplies go to die, it is one of the easiest and most efficient places to store and organize things for your home. It can be a workshop for hobbies, a place to pot plants, a general storage area, or a host of other things. A freestanding storage solution can easily be built and installed in a weekend providing a safe, neat place to hold everything from seasonal gardening supplies and tools to household cleaning supplies. In addition, basic organization can help you find items immediately when needed and prevent things from becoming cluttered and messy.

  • By utilizing wall space from ceiling to floor and everything in between, with a simple pegboard system in an accessible location it not only can help you easily grab commonly used tools, but also by adding a few racks for off the floor you can utilize small space and add much more storage.
  • Small baskets and bins attached to hooks can make multiple storage and accessibility much easier. The shed is also a much better place for storing hazardous chemicals and paints as it is away from the house. Just make sure keep everything inside nice and cool.
  • Sometimes decluttering is as simple as “shelving” your problems. Multilevel attractive shelving that can be adjusted for different height and size items allows you to store everything from small boxes to large bins and every item in between avoiding floor clutter and literally, using what is around you. In addition, changes are just a rack adjustment away. With slotted walls and moveable panels, nothing is too permanent to be moved in one afternoon, but still is durable enough to hold up to even the toughest customers.
  • Another multitasker is an all-in-one work-station which allows you to build, store and work to your heart’s content. With different sections for large free standing tools such as saws and routers and shifting work stations this is the perfect area for the home handyman. In addition, floating drawers, rolling bins and sturdy metal toolboxes underneath make use of every available inch of space.
  • There is nothing like repurposing the old for the new. A simple way to declutter the shed for the pet owner is by using various sized garbage cans for storage of pet food. Not only does this save floor space by not keeping flimsy bags around that rip and tear, creating messes of their own, but it also gives your wallet a break by allowing you to buy larger amounts and save money. Finally, no more worrying about bugs and pests with simple snap-tight lids you have easy and efficient storage within storage that lasts much longer.
  • Speaking of pests, most insects and vermin will seek shelter during the harsh winter making your shed a wonderful temporary home. Make sure you perform regular evictions by plugging any holes or damage to prevent infestation as well as keeping your shed clean and free of possible hiding places.