Building an Outdoor Shed

Protect your belongings in 2013 with a durable outdoor shed. Here are a few tips to help you get started as you install a storage shed.

The reason for building an outdoor shed is different for every person thinking of installing one. For some, an outdoor shed is the answer to where the miscellaneous items crowding out the garage will go as you make an effort to fit your car inside of it once again. For others, a shed is the ideal home for yard equipment that needs to be shielded from the elements while remaining within easy reach for when you are ready to work in the garden or mow the grass. Still for others a shed becomes home to collectable equipment too large to store elsewhere in the house, like antique cars or a boat.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to install an outdoor shed, there are a few facts that remain the same. Your shed is going to need to be reliable, sturdily built and large enough to encompass all the belongings you’ve intended it to hold. It should also be strategically placed so you have easy access to it and its contents whenever you need it.

These are all factors that you will need to consider when installing an outdoor shed, and give more reason as to why it is generally best to stick with installation services from a licensed and talented contractor.

The process of building a shed is complicated—especially for someone who isn’t proficient in carpentry. First you need to pick a location for the shed, but not every spot is going to be ready for installation. The ground needs to be level, and this may mean leveling the ground as you install support piers that will hold the beams, which will give the shed its integral shape and support.

Here are a few of the key steps involved in building a shed:

  • Install the support beams
  • Create the perimeter by putting down rim and floor joists
  • Nail plywood sheeting to joists to create flooring
  • Build a frame for the walls of the shed
  • Install walls and create framing for the roof
  • Install a door to the shed that is wide enough for your purpose

These are just the basic steps involved in building a shed. The floor will need to be reinforced with cement or other flooring, and all four walls and the ceiling will need to be sturdy. For the shed to be functional it must meet all standard codes and regulations. These are things that a professional installation crew will understand and can help you with.