As many of you have noticed we at Keens Building are a proud sponsor of NASCAR. The sport has become such a major interest of millions throughout the country. So if I may take a break from the norm of posting on storage sheds and metal carports I want to take a moment to acknowledge the victory of Jimmie Johnson last weekend. He claimed victory at Texas. By doing so he extended his lead in the Chase standings.

This historic run that Johnson is on includes winning the AP Male Athlete of the year, Driver of the Year four times, and tons of wins. It truly is a pleasure to be watching arguably the greatest NASCAR driver not only of our time but perhaps the greatest of all time in his prime. He is a model of consistency and has showed true professionalism as he has represented the sport as its champion year in and year out. I am not saying all of this because he is my favorite racer. I am saying this because he has become one of the greats and is a fine ambassador of the sport.

The last two years he has topped the Forbes list of most influential athletes. There are many in this country who question whether or not NASCAR is even a sport so accomplishing this feat is truly a testament to the impact Johnson is having on this country. So it’s only appropriate that I give credit where it’s due. Hats off to you Jimmie Johnson.