Should You Build a Carport or a Garage?

Carports and garages both offer protection for your vehicle from harsh elements throughout the year, whether you live in an area that is hit with heavy snow every year or the lack of trees in your neighbourhood leaves it open to excess sun damage. With either option, your car will receive some of the protection it needs, you won’t have to scrape iced windows before leaving the house, and it can even add some value to your property.

The question is, then, which one is better for your situation? Many people might automatically assume that the garage is the better choice in most instances, but that isn’t necessarily always true. There are definitely some advantages to both, so you just have to decide which one fits your situation better.

The Advantages of an Enclosed Garage

Any time you are working with an enclosed structure, there will be a number of inherent advantage. Obviously, something that has all four walls and a roof will offer even more protection from the elements than a carport, but it will also offer an added degree of security for anything you want to store inside it. The ability to lock the doors and windows means you can do more than just park your car there.

These walls also make the structure more stable, so a garage is likely to stand up to harsh weather conditions for longer. If you’re looking for an addition to the home where you can keep your car or other valuable possessions, and plan to be in the home for a while, this may be the best option for you.

Carport Benefits

A carport, on the other hand, is going to be a more affordable option than a fully enclosed garage. With the quality steel and engineering that goes into these structures, though, they are still extremely durable and can stand up to serious weather conditions.

A carport is also a more versatile option. Since it’s more of an “installation” than it is a “construction project,” it can be set up without any major excavation of the land. And if the location turns out to be not quite right, you can always adjust its positioning without a lot of work. It’s also important to note that without these structures require a lot less maintenance than a garage, and with our range of designs, you can find something that will go perfectly with your home.