Metal Storage Buildings and Their Many Uses

Metal storage buildings come in multiple shapes and sizes to house and support several different uses. Perfect for cold weather as well as hot weather, metal garages are made from thin aluminum, galvanized steel or corrugated iron attached to sturdy metal frames. This makes them ideal for literally hundreds of uses in different climates and perfect for households as well as businesses.

For Households

Many households purchase metal storage buildings to create extra space in a home, a garage and within a yard. Metal sheds are often used as garages for cars and motorized vehicles and can easily turned into a place to work on and store project cars. Metal buildings from Keens Portable Buildings can be custom created to fit motorhomes, cars, trucks, boats and smaller vehicles like motorcycles, four-wheelers and off road automobiles. In fact, each space for motorized vehicles can have its own custom steel garage door, making these motorized vehicles accessible while freeing up yard, garage and driveway space.

Steel garages are also used as work and storage areas for all sorts of hobbies. Many people use smaller metal garages as garden sheds or as a place to spread out tools or hobby parts. Some metal storage building owners use their metal garages as wood working shops, model train building areas and as storage places for outdoor sporting equipment such as bicycles, skis and wakeboards.

Metal storage buildings also work wonderfully as a play area for children. Doubling as a toy play and storage area, steel garages also give children their own person clubhouse that can be customized with climate control for all season play. Boys can spread out Legos and girls setup continuous Barbie towns that are out of the way, keep mom happy and are in a safe and clean metal storage building.

For Businesses

Instead of renting a storage unit and paying a monthly fee, many business owners purchase steel garages to house items to be rented out, seasonal displays and overflow business inventory. These units are ideal for the storage of office and home furniture, pool equipment, cleaning supplies or any other business need as they can come in several different sizes to accommodate different sizing needs. These metal storage buildings also come with climate control and security options to provide business owners with the peace of mind that temperature-sensitive items are safe and expensive items are secure and being monitored through camera.

Businesses with large scale needs such as a storage and work space for company vehicles or for manufacturing also purchase industrial metal storage buildings. These steel garages are ideal because they allow business owners and workspace without the high cost of rent and utilities.

Many Uses

Metal storage buildings have several uses, each more convenient than the last. Whether used to store a boat, as a woodworking shed or as a children’s clubhouse, metal garages and storage buildings from Keen’s supply customers with the best variety and customizable metal sheds.