How to Turn a Shed or Metal Building into a Haunted House!

Sheds, Storage buildings, and metal buildings, are perfect for the holidays. There are so many cool things you can do for your shed or storage building. Halloween is the perfect time of year to convert your metal building into a haunted house.

The best thing about storage buildings and metal storage buildings and even sheds, is the fact that you can store all of your holiday stuff in it!  Holiday stuff will rack up over the years, lets face it, it does.  Lets not forget that having your own shed is the best option for storage if you don’t have as much stuff. Storage buildings can be super beneficial though if you have tons of stuff. They both have many other uses.

Now, to be able to turn your shed or metal building into a haunted house, you need to use your creativity. Everyone has that incredible gift of creativity endowed within them.  The first thing to understand about Halloween is that cheesy works and sells with the kids!  Having cheesy type things on the outside will work. The downfall of cheesy type decorations is they’re not as scary. It does create the Halloween feel however.

Now if you really want to rock it for Halloween you can look at how things were done in the scary movies. There are tons of movies that have some real scary scenes that can be reflected in a building. You can go the Texas chain saw massacre route, and hang all sorts of scary stuff.

You can totally convert your metal storage building into a haunted funeral home. You can also do cool stuff like add a smoke machine with a strobe light, and then play something creepy and just pop up at kids.

If you have a barn, or a metal barn, you can even do more. Barns can be really scary!  Barns are the best because they’re bigger and they just have a history of being scary from the movies.

The thing that makes haunted houses the best is the costumes and the scary people inside of them. If you don’t have scary people, it can be boring. It’s worth having super scary people. The more real they can look that will add to the scariness.

If you create a scene that’s very real and yet very scary, it’s hard to pull off, but it would work out really well if you can.

The point is, don’t be afraid to turn your metal building or extra building into a haunted house. It’s worth the fun and time!