Seasonal Protection for Your Motor Home

Your motor home is an expensive investment and the last thing you want is weather damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can make your RV look old and worn out. Many motor homes have a gel coating that gives them that shiny look. Harsh sunlight can cause this finish to fade and it wouldn’t be long before your vehicle wears a dull, unkempt look. Even the interior surfaces that are exposed to sunlight are affected. Sunlight also damages the rubber components. Studies show that tires age sooner in warm climates and direct exposure to UV rays accelerates tire aging. Occasional showers would not affect your vehicle, but rain and heavy snow can cause serious harm and corrosion, most often necessitating an expensive paint job. Hail is another threat. A severe hailstorm can batter your vehicle and inflict extensive damage.

A durable metal motor home cover is the solution to these issues. While top quality prefabricated motorhome carports are available, you can also get a customized solution to meet your needs and budget. You can go in for a fully enclosed or partially enclosed cover and choose from different roofing options. With superior steel tubular framing, these easy-to-install portable buildings can offer you all the seasonal protection you want for your motor home. A certified RV cover is a good idea as it would be rated to withstand snow loads and strong winds.