Make Sure To Get Your Permits

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we pride ourselves on guiding you through every step of the carport buying experience.  We will help you in the design stage of your project as well as coordinate the delivery and installation of your steel structure.  As a homeowner though there are a couple of things you will want to make sure you are doing on your end to ensure the process goes smoothly.


Whenever you will be doing anything to alter your property in most towns and cities you need to pull a permit to do so.   This can normally be done at the town hall or any local planning and zoning office that you may have in your town.  Be sure to make sure you have all of your bases covered in reference to this because some towns have strict penalties in their permit process is not followed.

Laws and Ordinances

Pulling a permit is pretty standard procedure when it comes to making any improvements or alterations to your home.  One other thing you will want to check is if your town may have any specific laws or ordinances that govern steel structures in particular. In most towns the pulling of a permit is all that will be necessary, but some towns have quirky laws that you want to be aware of.

If there is any language you do not understand while through the permit process, run it by your Keen’s Buildings’ representative and they can help you translate what the regulations mean.