Isn’t it time for a change from your wood garage?

Steel garages have come a long way in the past years and are changing the minds of most home owners that do not already have built-in garages. Unlike most steel garages, Keen’s has the option to allow you to customize your next garage, allowing it to have a personal touch and match your established home.

More importantly, Keen’s steel garages come with a quality and strength like none other. Before steel garages came about, we only had one option to contact a designer to create a wood garage from scratch. Although these wood garages were totally customizable, they came with a lot of cons such as production time, money spent verses home value, weather challenges and termite infestations.  Then as time pasted and the popularity of steel garages came about, most consumers realized that the benefits of a steel garage exceeded those of a wood garage except they all looked the same.

Some things to take note with Keen’s steel garages are that they will be:

  • Termite proof
  • Water-Resistant
  • Ideal for all weather
  • Not highly flammable as wood is


With Keen’s steel Garages, you not only get the high quality production of the steel and all of its benefits but you are able to do something most cannot with their steel garage; personalize.