The Unique Design of RV Carports

At Keens Buildings did you know that we design carports for your camper or RV?  Some of us have bigger vehicles that simply cannot fit within the confines of a normal carport and for that reason we work with our buyers to tailor the dimensions of their carport to fit their specific  housing needs. In the past when we have gone over some preliminary steps to consider when designing your carport this is why we mention measuring the space out as one of the first things that shou d be done.  Not measuring in advance could lead to problems especially when dealing with a bigger vehicle like an RV.

While measuring you want to leave a couple extra inches both height and width wise just to be safe in order to allow proper clearance for your bigger vehicle.  Along with measuring the area that you would like to put the carport in on your property it is also vital that you cut back any branches that may have made its way near or in close proximity to the area where you want to build.  Ensure that all of this clearing has been done prior to any kind of install as it can really hamper the install process.

We are ready and waiting at Keens Buildings to walk you through your carport buying experience if you need us to do so.  At minimum we are here to answer any questions you may have about the structures we sell and any lingering thoughts or concerns you have about our installation process as well.  We ship to all lower 48 states from our different distribution centers around the country and have installers ready to come to your property and make you carport dreams a reality.