Why Metal Carports are a Great Green Choice

These days, it’s all about “going green,” from the type car you drive, to the pest control products you use in your yard to the building materials you choose for your new or renovated home and metal carport. Keen’s Portable Buildings has you covered on one of those choices.

Our carports are built entirely of metal, which requires no harmful chemicals such as resin, wood treatments or pesticides that you typically see in traditional  construction, renovation and maintenance. Once it’s installed, a metal carport also is highly resistant to water, mildew and mold, which can emit toxins that make your family and pets sick.

Our metal carports are built to last, using heavy duty 29-gauge standard steel roof and side panels and 14-gauge standard steel tubular framing. If your metal carport is ordered certified, it’s specifically engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and high wind speeds common in your area, plus meet all the city, county and state building code and permitting requirements no matter where in the continental United States you live. Plus wood boring pests that can destroy a structure, such as termites, can’t eat through metal. Your certified metal building is guaranteed to stand firm for decades. But should you decide that its usefulness is over, metal building materials are 100% recyclable – a major “green” factor.

To further green your metal carport, consider insulation. Several environmentally-friendly insulation types including fiberglass, foam board and reflective insulation are easy to install in an enclosed metal carport and help conserve energy, further control moisture and resist pest invasions. Foam spray and rigid foam board insulation contains no HDFCs, VOC or Formaldehyde and does not settle or “gas off” over time and it completely seals your metal carport, blocking outdoor pollutants and allergens. And reflective insulation is made with aluminum foil – also completely nontoxic. These are important green considerations if you plan to use your enclosed metal carport as a workshop, office, studio, children’s playroom or for any other use that means you or the ones you love will be spending lots of time there.

Lighting your carport also can be eco-friendly. Install solar-powered lighting fixtures on the outside of your enclosed metal carport, or in and around your open structure. Motion sensor lights conserve even more energy and save money by activating only when someone is nearby.

To learn more about metal carports and their eco-friendly attributes, contact Keen’s Portable Buildings at 1-386-364-7995.