Choosing Your “Buy Now” RV Carport or Motorhome Carport

When choosing your new RV carport or motorhome carport, one size does not fit all. That’s why Keen’s Portable Buildings offers a range of “Buy Now” options, plus multiple customization choices. We offer five main “Buy Now” selections:

The first is our 42x26x12 multiple-bay RV/motor home carport with room for your RV plus two additional vehicles or trailers. The enclosed gable roof and steel paneled sides give this carport a stylish barn look. For RVs and motorhomes needing higher clearance, choose our Executive Motorhome Carport, measuring 18x41x12. This option is ideal for oversized RVs, high topped boats or travel trailers and RVs or motorhomes with top-mounted air conditioning units and luggage racks. It features a raised roof centerline for high clearance, plus rounded eaves offering three feet of added side protection.

Keens’ Portable Buildings Triple Motorhome Carport, 18x21x21, features convenient pull thru bays with open sides and ends that offer easy loading access, entry and exit for your RV or motorhome plus additional vehicles. Our Large Motorhome Carport offers even more space, measuring 18x36x12. The increased width makes this option perfect for luxury or executive style RVs and motorhomes. Finally, our Motorhome Carport with Side Panels option, measuring 18x31x10, offers double side panels for added protection from sun, wind and rain.

Each of these “Buy Now” RV carport and motorhome carport selections can be certified to meet your local permitting and code regulations and to withstand heavy wind and snow loads. Professional installation on your level land, concrete slab, stem wall or paved black top comes at no extra charge. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings  at 386-364-7995 and let us know which “Buy Now” RV carport or motorhome carport best meets your needs.