Store Your Valuables in a Metal Shed, Storage Building or Garage

Important documents, Grandma’s antique armoire, family photos – These are all things that anyone would want to save and protect. To make sure your favorite memories and critical documents are safe for years to come, consider a metal shed, storage building or garage from Keen’s Portable Buildings.

There are multiple safety advantages to metal structures. They are highly resistant to damage by exposure to the sun, snow and rain and resulting moisture damage, such as mold. Certified metal sheds, storage buildings, garages are guaranteed to meet city, county and state permitting and code regulations and can be engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and, because metal sways, wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph. Steel and metal also are resistant to fire damage and pests such as termites.

Keen’s Portable Buildings offers metal sheds, metal storage buildings and metal garages in dozens of different sizes, configurations, roof styles and colors to fit your specific needs and match your home’s style. Financing is available and damaged credit is no problem. Professional installation is no extra charge and can be completed within days. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings at 386-364-7995 to find out how you can affordably and effectively protect all your family’s most important and beloved items.