Residential Carports

If you’re looking for a way to protect your vehicles from the sun, rain, snow and falling leaves, a residential, steel carport by Keen’s Portable Buildings is an affordable, effective option. But beyond protecting your vehicle’s paint job, there are multiple other uses for both.

A smaller residential carport can be situated for use as a walkway cover, protecting you from the rain and snow as you dash from your car to your front door. Place a picnic table or patio chairs beneath a carport for a gazebo-like resting spot. Planning a party or family reunion? A larger residential carport is a great way to entertain friends outdoors while at the same time offering them shade from the sun.

Large carports also can be used to cover swimming pools, keeping out leaves and limbs that fall from trees. If you live in a rural area, carports can be used to cover hay and feed. Livestock and outdoor pets also can find shelter from the sun, rain and snow beneath carports of any size. And outdoor workshop areas for gardeners, artists and DIY home improvement handymen can be housed beneath carports. Add roll-up doors and your carport can be fully enclosed to protect your items from thieves and vandals.