Commercial Carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings

Owners of businesses of all sizes enjoy multiple uses of quality, steel commercial carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings. Open carports provide a shady place for employees to park their vehicles, safe from falling leaves and bird droppings, not to mention the scorching sun rays that leave a car feeling like a dry sauna on hot afternoons. This makes for a much more pleasant drive home from work.

Adding a few picnic tables beneath an open commercial carport also affords employees and guests a shady spot for an alfresco lunch or quick company meeting. And larger open carports can shade and protect your company’s equipment, tractor trailers and vehicle fleet from rain and snow.

Enclosed carports are great for warehousing of products and supplies; workshops; offices; and staging areas for employees and vendors to pick up supplies or drop off deliveries. Keen’s Portable Buildings offers enclosure of open carports with roll-up doors of up to 16 feet wide and 14 feet high. Carports also can be used to hide unsightly items such as trash bins and dumpsters or equipment awaiting repair.

Keen’s Portable Buildings’ can engineer your commercial carport to meet city, county and state permitting and code regulations and to withstand heavy snow loads as well as wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph, assuring protection of your company assets. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings at 386-364-7995 and talk with a friendly associate about your company’s needs.