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Today’s Families are constantly growing.  From residential homes to small business owners in and around Live Oak, Florida growth is constant.  Equipment, vehicles, treasured keepsakes and household items can build up clutter. Over time the pile gets bigger as your operating and living space shrinks.  Storing essential valuables can become a real challenge. Live Oak’s Steel Building Solution is Keen’s Buildings.  Overpaying for storage lockers is not a cost-effective way to manage your household budget.   Add that to the limited access hours of many storage locker franchises your personal effects are no longer within reach.

Keen’s Buildings multipurpose constructed steel buildings transform your tool and equipment clutter into a versatile workshop. Our customers have come to rely on Keen’s Buildings outstanding quality and service.  Customized pre-fab framing of each steel structure is designed to serve your needs for years to come. Beyond a mere metal garage, our steel buildings are available in an assortment of sizes and styles all built to open your home living space and help organize daily life.



Fishing, sailing, off-road exploration activities are just a few of the region’s recreational possibilities. ATV’s, Jet-Ski’s, beach cruisers and the kid’s toys now have a more desirable storage location.  Our customers have also used their new steel garage as a place their place of business.  Essentially the options for your new buildings are limitless.  Are you rebuilding the engine on a vintage car?  Is the “honey do list” growing longer and longer?  Has your home office become a Bermuda Triangle for paperwork and vital documents?  A Keen’s Buildings steel building structure offers and answer to the puzzle of space solutions

Size, Design and Color Customization:

So, you have a knack for automotive restoration? Do you know your way around power tools and home repair equipment? Because many of our customers enjoy do-it-yourself home improvement projects, A cramped garage and driveway is not an efficient workshop. Color, dimension, features, and add-ons tailor each Keen’s Buildings steel building. Dual door options, extra braces, shelving units and leveled platforms are created to suit your individual storage vision. Once you have measured the chosen area, our professional installers will walk you through a complete list of options to make your structure ideal.

Convenience and Versatility:

Our Keen’s Buildings sales professionals will survey your property as you pinpoint the building specifications you require. Once you’ve chosen your steel building’s location, taken measurements and outlined its construction, you’ve taken the first steps.  To be certain, our professional sales representatives visit your location to be sure your new building is placed in the optimum location on your property. Then, you can expect a no obligation quote for your steel building at no charge.  We do this because customers have come to rely on knowledgeable industry professionals at Keen’s Buildings. Since 1999, the Keen’s Buildings brand of steel buildings continues to provide a standard of quality that our customers depend on. From the moment, you speak with a Keen’s Buildings service representative you will find that your storage goals are our top priority. This commitment to our customer’s vision is one of the many advantages that make Keen’s Buildings one of the most appealing solutions to homeowners and businesses in need of more space.