Our portable storage buildings come pre-built from our factory where they’ve been carefully inspected by engineers and professionals.


Portable storage buildings by Keen’s are:

  • More affordable than on-site constructed sheds
  • Designed in a controlled environment and pre-approved by certified engineers
  • Relocatable, so your portable storage building moves with you
  • Quicker to manufacture & easier to customize to your needs
  • Florida-engineered and wind load approved

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Portable Storage Building for the Florida & Georgia Regions

When you purchase a portable storage building from Keen’s, you can get a structure that meets all your needs without having to hire contractors, obtain an inspection from local governing bodies, and spend a fortune.

Our portable storage buildings proudly offer:

  • Choice of 2X4 yellow pine or a c-channel steel frame
  • 2X6 Floor joists on 16” centers
  • 4X6 pressure treated skids
  • ¾” pressure treated flooring
  • Screws to attach flooring on select models. Be sure to ask if this option comes with your model.
  • Aluminum siding
  • T1-11 wood siding
  • Hardi-Plank
  • Vinyl siding
  • Steel panels

“Keens building are super solid and the process is seamless start to finish!”

Joe T. ~ Atlanta, GA

“Keens building are super solid and the process is seamless start to finish!”

Joe T. ~ Atlanta, GA

Available Colors

Certified Compliant w/ State of Florida


All Keens structures are Florida-compliant, certified by an engineer’s stamped approval, as well as inspected and approved by the Department of Community Affairs for safe building. 

Common Carport FAQs


After ordering my metal carport, how long will it take for delivery?

It takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on where your site is located and the size of the carport. Everyone works very hard to get it there as soon as possible.

Can adjustments be made to the legs if the ground is not level?

Installers can adjust the legs up or down 2-3 inches on the bottom rail of the carport or steel garage to help but level ground always works best.

What is the roof pitch of my carport?

We measure “side to side” the same as the width of the carport. It’s always the width you order with the only difference being the length of the frame is always 1 foot shorter than the roof.

Can we put our carport at the end of our home?

Yes. The installers cannot bolt the carport to any home or building but they can install it as close as possible.

Can I add upgrade options to my carport after the initial install?

Yes. Keen’s Portable Buildings can add options to your carport at any time. There is a $50.00 return trip fee added to any orders less than $795.00.

Will my carport be anchored to the ground on my concrete slab?

Our certified carports come standard with mobile home anchors and a set of blueprints that will answer any wind load or snow load questions.