Celebrate year-round in a 140 MPH wind load rated 2 Story Metal Building from Keen's Buildings today.

Building a 2 Story steel building is an excellent investment. Here at Keen's Buildings, we have been creating and innovating new ways to bring you top tier steel buildings since our inception 21 years ago. We're shocked at how time flies and how many wonderful customers we have serviced over the years. That's why we are proud to announce our new truss and header systems. These systems allow us to build higher and wider without compromising the quality or structural integrity while still keeping with the same great prices our customers have come to expect.

How it's done:

After the design has been submitted, the construction of the metal building is started at the factory. First, the production of the building's main structures is completed. Understanding the frame is fundamental to the buildings' structure and construction; we carefully prefabricate each section using our mandrel bending machines. This process helps to eliminate steel fatigue on the trusses. The legs are then cut and welded in the prefabrication stage. Then the roll form process begins. After this, the selected 26 or 29 gauge steel for the skin of the building is rolled through specially designed machines and precut to make the installation process easier and more manageable. Finally, the pieces are loaded into delivery trailers and shipped to their new destination and assembled on site.

Because 95% of our buildings undergo this prefabrication process in a highly controlled environment, and minimal trimming is required in the field. That means fewer mistakes and increased field productivity. With 21 Years of building metal structures, we have perfected our prefabrication method; most steel buildings can be assembled within a matter of days. It's also good to note that all of our buildings can be mounted and engineered for concrete installation or direct ground installation.


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